Hanami with HUISA 2018

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Lets party” – Robin Williams

No doubt, spring is one of the most awaited season in Hokkaido. While other parts of Japan, Honshu and Kyushu, are enjoying the beauty of Cherry blossom, our Hokkaido still struggles with the snow. Winter in Hokkaido is quite long and harsh. It snows from mid November until the end of March. The crave for Spring gets so stronger by the start of April that people cannot help themselves from counting day for the magical cherry bloom.

This year as well, HUISA organized Hanami party for international students. Hanami in Japanese means to watch cherry blossom. The main aim of this event was to make international students see and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of cherry bloom in Hokkaido. For this, HUISA decided to take international students and their families to Moerenuma park.


Moerenuma Park is a comprehensive park in Sapporo that is intended to be the base of the “Circular Greenbelt Concept” that combines the green spaces of the city of Sapporo within a loop. Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and the fountain and wading pool facilities are open to make for a refreshing Sapporo summer. Fall brings foliage, and you may enjoy cross-country skiing and sledding across the snow-covered landscape during winter. The park has attractions for all seasons.

On 6th May 2018, international students and their families met at legendary Kita 13 gate of University and left to enjoy the cherry blossom. It was a rainy day but it was not strong enough to demotivate our students for Hanami. Students reached to Asabu station via Namboku line subway from where they took hourly bus leaving for the park.


In Moerenuma park, students had a potluck party there where they shared varieties of foods from different countries like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, Mozambique, Japan, India, and Pakistan. Not only that, participants also enjoyed BINGO game where winners won gift hampers. It was a fun filled event.

After potluck party, students took stroll around the Glass Pyramid which is the major attraction of Moerenuma Park.

hanami 2

This Glass Pyramid is an indoor facility, that uses the natural, region-specific energy of snow. It is also an attraction from a nature conservation perspective. Our students managed to take lots of photo there.


Even though it was a rainy day, our participants enjoyed their time at the Moerenuma Park. We could not see much cherry tress due to rain, but overall, it was a memorable trip. We, the executive members, would like to thank all the participants for their great enthusiasm.


Hope to see you all in our upcoming events!!


HUISA executive committee 2018-19

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