HUISA’s Constitution


ARTICLE ONE: Name and Official Language


ARTICLE THREE: Memberships

ARTICLE FOUR: Function of the association

ARTICLE FIVE: Election policies for Executive Committee Members

ARTICLE SIX: Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members


ARTICLE EIGHT: Amendment, Addition and Decision

ARTICLE NINE: Effective Date


ARTICLE ONE: Name and Official Language


The name of the organization shall be Hokkaido University International Students’ Association(HUISA).

The date of the establishment of the HUISA is 1st April 1984.

The address of the HUISA is Kita-ku, Kita 15 Jo, Nishi 8 Chome, Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido University International Students Center.


The association shall be non-religious, non-political, and shall be run by the international students of Hokkaido University democratically.


The official language of this organization shall be English and any formal correspondence shall be issued in both English and Japanese.




The purpose of the HUISA shall be to promote the well-being of international students and promote interaction and understanding among international students and between international and Japanese students and the people of Hokkaido, Japan.


The HUISA shall work for the attainment of this purpose through, but not limited to, the following means:

It shall be the central group which will embody all international students at HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY (including all campuses), and assist, advise, and represent them in matters of common welfare and concern;

  1. It shall conduct social, cultural, and educational- activities on behalf of and for its members.
  2. It shall act as a coordination center for societies concerned with the well-being of the international students at Hokkaido University.
  3. Furthermore, HUISA will act as a unique platform for building up a relationship between Hokkaido University and other Universities in Japan and throughout the world.


ARTICLE THREE: Memberships


All international students registered at Hokkaido University shall be eligible to be members of the HUISA. A student is considered a member of HUISA upon registration by means of the stipulated HUISA registration forms.


Members do not have to pay any subscription fees.


Members shall be given priority to participate in all activities of the association except as limited by this constitution. Only members are eligible to run for positions in the HUISA executive and sit on special committees appointed by the HUISA executive.


No registered member shall carry out any disreputable activity/behavior when participating in HUISA activities/events or representing HUISA in public which will bring discredit to the organization. Reported disreputable actions will be brought before the disciplinary committee and may result in penalties to the member(s) involved.


A person becomes a HUISA Alumni when he/she graduates from Hokkaido University or has discontinued their studies prematurely except for reasons mentioned in section 6.


A person ceases to be a member when he/she has been suspended from the university, has been suspended from the HUISA, or expresses in writing their desire to withdraw from the organization.


ARTICLE FOUR: Function of the association


The Executive Committee will be consisted of 11 members with following posts;

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Vice Secretary
  6. Public Relations Officer
  7. Web Administrator
  8. Secretary for Social welfare and Culture
  9. Secretary for Sports and Recreation
  10. Honorary President
  11. Adviser (Only for the former Honorary President)


The Executive Committee shall hold regular meetings to transact necessary business between general meetings and such other business that may be referred to it by members of the association or its members.


(a) The Executive Committee will sit for regular meetings which shall be held monthly, the statutory time is to be fixed by the Committee at its first meeting of the year.

(b) The Quorum for the statutory Executive Committee meeting shall consist of any 5 Executive Committee Members

(c) Executive Committee Members who are absent during the meeting shall abide by the decision made in the meeting

(d) If any Executive committee member is absent in 3 consecutive statutory Executive Committee meetings without informing the President or Secretary, the Executive Committee has the right to decide whether his/her Executive Committee membership should be continued.

(e) Vacant seats in the Executive committee shall be filled by elections or internal voting by the Executive committee with the President being the chairman of the election and unable to vote.


For organizing HUISA events, the Executive Committee shall appoint committees as deemed necessary, drafting/conscripting members from both the executive committee and the general student population. These committees include, but are not limited to: Recreational trips committee, Sports day committee, Hokudaisai committee, Bunkasai committee, and an Elections committee.

For promoting the objectives and interests of the association, the Executive Committee shall appoint an Advisory Committee and a Disciplinary committee.

The Executive Committee may appoint a Publication committee and any additional committee as the need arises. Committees can be comprised of any HUISA member.

ARTICLE FIVE: Election Policies for Executive Committee Members


All members of HUISA are eligible to run for any position of the Executive Committee of HUISA, except as may be limited by this constitution.


Each member of the Executive Committee shall be from different countries. A member can run for a maximum of 2 positions during each election. Positions shall be voted for in the order stated in Article 4 Section 1. Persons vying for subsequent positions if of the same nationality of an already elected person are automatically disqualified.


The elected Executive Committee shall serve for a one year starting on 12th April to 11th of April. Elections shall be held on the first week of April.


An Executive Committee member shall be eligible for reelection and serve for a maximum of 2 terms in his/her studentship if elected.


Candidates vying for the post of president and general secretary should be able to communicate both in English and Japanese.


ARTICLE SIX: Responsibilities of Executive Committee members


  1. The President shall;
    • (a) be the chief representative of the Hokkaido University International Student Association (HUISA);
    • (b) oversee the operation of the HUISA, delegate responsibilities, and coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association;
    • (c) perform such other duties that may be prescribed in this constitution or assigned by the association or by the Executive Board;
    • (d) preside at all meetings of the general body and the Executive Board of the HUISA; and
    • (e) call special emergency meetings when necessary to address immediate concerns and needs.
  2. The Vice-president shall:
    • (a) assume the duties of the president in the absence of or inability of that officer to serve; (b) perform other duties which may be assigned by the president or the Executive Board.
  3. The General Secretary shall:
    • (a) record the minutes of all meetings of the association and of the Executive Board and keep a record of attendance in English;
    • (b) notify members of the time, place, and date of all meetings, and provide them with the agenda of meetings;
    • (c) maintain a list of active membership of the association; and
    • (d) prepare election materials for all elections,
  4. Vice Secretary shall:
    • (a) take the responsibility in absence of General Secretary
    • (b) help the General Secretary to accomplish the duties
    • (c) make the documents in Japanese, if necessary
  5. The Treasurer shall:
    • (a) handle the finances of the HUISA in a accordance with the approved budget, and as authorized by the HUISA;
    • (b) receive all monies of the association, maintain the association account in a reputable financial institution, and be joint signatory with the president for the association cheques;
    • (c) maintain an accurate record of the association receipts and expenses and payout funds in accordance with approved budget as authorized by the association;
    • (d) present a financial statement at every general meeting and at other times when requested by the Executive Board.
  6. Public Relations Officer shall:
    • (a) Maintain the communication with university authority and other organizations within and outside of the Hokkaido University.
    • (b) Be responsible for all advertisements of HUISA activities.
    • (c)  Maintain activities on Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  7. Web Administer shall:
    • (a) maintain the group mail and update the HUISA website. (b) convey messages to the all HUISA members.
  8. Secretary for Social welfare and culture shall:
    • (a) organize cultural activities, social gatherings and parties.
    • (b) assists the newcomers for their initial settlement in Sapporo. (c) Sit on all committees related to this portfolio
  9. Secretary for Sports and Recreation shall:
    • (a) Organize and arrange recreational programs as well as promote sports among the members.
    • (b) Sit on all committees related to this portfolio


ARTICLE SEVEN: General Assembly


The HUISA shall hold the General Assembly at least 1 time per year in April. The date and time will be fixed by the Executive Board. However, special meetings can be called by the president at any time, with the concurrence of the Executive Board.


The General Assembly of the HUISA is open to the public. However, the privilege of introducing motions and voting shall be limited to members.


Any HUISA General Assembly must be declared at least 10 days before its schedule date.




Amendments to this constitution can be proposed by any voting member of the HUISA.


Amendments to this constitution shall become effective upon adoption by a two-thirds vote of the present members of the HUISA at any General Assembly or special meeting called for that purpose.

ARTICLE NINE: Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Association the Executive committee shall, after making payment of all the liabilities of the organization, turn over all remaining monies to Hokkaido University for the purpose of the welfare of foreign students.


Constitution accepted on the 1st of April 2005

1st Revision accepted on 3rd of March 2006

2nd Revision accepted on 1st of March 2007

3rd Revision accepted on 16th of March 2014

4th Revision accepted on 5th of April 2018


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