HUISA Summer Trip 2018

Being in the northern part, summer starts from July in Hokkaido. Although it does not last long as compared to Tokyo or Osaka, people in Hokkaido make sure to enjoy their summer time. The summer vibe here in Hokkaido is short yet amazing.

When summer finally embraced Hokkaido, we, HUISA members, also prepared ourselves to bask in the sun. On July 14th, we, along with other 135 students from more than 30 countries, left for Summer trip to mark three different destinations: Shimamui Beach, Nikka Whisky Distillery and Cape Kamui!!


Our first destination was Shimamui beach, which is at the western end of Hokkaido.  Once we reached there, the marvelous view invited us to descend to the beach below through a moderately constructed tunnel. That tunnel led us to the different world. Words were not enough to describe the majestic view one could see there.  Our members enjoyed seeing gorgeous shade of blue water, playing at rocky and sandy beach and treasuring those memories, of course!


After Shimamui beach, we traveled to Cape Kamui, which is just at the distance of half an hour. Cape Kamui has been very popular as a place to enjoy the breathtaking Shakotan Blue. The weather was magical indeed. Our members were enjoying sunlight at the Shimamui beach, however the weather turned misty as we reached Cape Kamui. How could we miss taking picture at that foggy weather…


The weather was chill but so were we…chilling and enjoying the view.


Our last destination was Nikka Whisky Distillery. This was the home to “Father of Whisky” in Japan, Mr. Masataka Takutsuru, who was the pioneer of Nikka Whisky brand in Japan. We could understand the deep history and well-presented story of the founder and his wife. Not only that we could see the whisky-making process too.


Although it was just a day trip, our participants managed to mark three different beautiful territories in Hokkaido. We hope they had good time with their family and friends in the trip.


They say summer tan will fade out, but memories will last forever!! Indeed!!

Thank you so much for joining and making this trip successful. We hope to see you soon again in our upcoming events. Till then stay blessed!! 🙂



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