Call for General Election 2018

Dear HUISA members,

Happy spring!!

The new and beautiful season has just started. We hope you will enjoy the warmth of sun and beauty of Sakura in Hokkaido. Its nearly the end of year for our executive members (2017-2018) who have worked hard in HUISA. In this one year, we tried to organize an event every month for international students. Starting from Hanami party in May, we organized Hokudaisai (June), Summer trip (July), BBQ party (August), Sports Festival (September), Autumn trip (October), Culture festival (December), and Snow sculpture event (February). We collaborated with ERIS, Lions Club Odori, Sapporo International Night, Furubira Community to provide opportunities for international students to mingle with Japanese students and understand Japanese cultures, traditions and working lifestyle. These collaborations helped us in providing lots of part time job opportunities, interaction programs, seminars and internships for international students. We are very thankful to all international students, companies and other organizations for believing us and our works.

As a new academic year is about to start, the executive committee members of  HUISA steps down for a new set of officers to lead the international student community of Hokkaido University. This April 13, 2018 at Student Activity Room in Institute for International Collaboration (IIC), new officers shall be elected. The meeting will start from 18:00.

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The positions that are open for a bid for candidacy, as well as their respective responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Vice President
    • Shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of or inability of the former to serve; and,
    • Shall perform other duties which may be assigned by the president or the Executive Board.
  2. General Secretary
    • Shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings (including attendance) of the association and of the Executive Board in English; Japanese proficiency is required.
    • Shall notify members of the agenda as well as time, date, and place of meeting;
    • Shall maintain a list of active membership of the association; and,
    • Shall prepare election materials for all elections.
  3. Treasurer
    • Shall handle the finances of the HUISA in accordance with the approved budget, and as authorized by the association;
    • Shall receive all monies of the association, maintain the association account in a reputable financial institution, and be joint signatory with the President for the association cheque;
    • Shall maintain an accurate record of the association receipts and expenses and payout funds in accordance with the approved budget and as authorized by the association;
    • Shall present a financial statement at every general meeting and at other times when requested by the Executive Board.
  4. Vice Secretary
    • Shall assist the General Secretary in keeping all records of the organization;
    • Shall assume the responsibilities of the General Secretary in his/her absence; and,
    • Shall partner with the Translator (Japanese) in drafting documents necessary for accomplishing the objectives of the organization
  5. Secretary for Social Welfare and Culture
    • Shall assist new students in during their initial settlement in Sapporo thru partnership with the Student Support Desk of the University, especially by assisting in drafting and dissemination of updated primers for both Hokkaido University and life in Sapporo;
    • Shall organize cultural activities, social gatherings and parties to promote harmony and cohesion among international students as well as with Japanese students; and,
    • Shall sit on all committees related to this portfolio.
  6. Secretary for Sports and Recreation
    • Shall organize and arrange sports and recreational programs to promote health and wellness among its members; and,
    • Sit on all committees related to this portfolio
  7. Translator (Japanese Student)
    • Shall be a current undergraduate/graduate Japanese student of the Hokkaido University proficient in written and oral English communication;
    • Shall assist the committee members as an English-Japanese translator especially of official communications and documents relevant to HUISA activities; and,
    • Shall partner with other committee members, particularly the Vice Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Web Administrator, in drafting official documents and/or promotional materials for mass communication of HUISA activities.
  8. Public Relations Officer
    • Shall maintain the communication with university authority and other organizations within and outside of the Hokkaido University;
    • Shall actively promote HUISA activities, both in print and social media; and,
    • Shall lead the working partnership with the Translator and Web Administrator in drafting materials for information dissemination, promotions, and campaigns relevant to HUISA activities.
  9. Web Administrator
    • Shall maintain and keep both the group mail and HUISA website active; and,
    • Shall partner with the Translator and Public Relations Officer in drafting materials for mass communication, particularly those that will be posted in the website.

Note that all current international students are eligible to run for any position. As HUISA is totally voluntary organization, candidates should be able to allocate their time for meetings and events. We also request candidates to read HUISA constitution to get more information on HUISA and its activities.

Students who are interested to run for a specific position must send their bid for candidacy by sending an email to the HUISA ( with the following details:

  • Email subject line should read: [Position] Candidacy — [Full Name]
  • Accomplished HUISA ExeCom Nomination Form 2018-2019.

Deadline for submission of Nomination Form is on April 09, 2018 at 23:59.


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