HUISA Snow Sculpture event 2019

Every year HUISA collaborates with Lions Club Odori Sapporo for snow sculpture and interaction event. In this event, international students of Hokkaido University take part in building snow sculpture along with Lions club members and high school students of Sapporo. The theme for snow sculpture every year is dedicated to the home country of HUISA president. As Nguyen Thi Thuy Van is the current president of HUISA, this year’s theme was from her home country, Vietnam. This year’s sculpture theme, Hô Chí Minh, is one of the most dedicated leaders of Vietnam. He is considered one of the most influential leaders in the world. His thought and revolution inspired many leaders and people in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Vietnam’s biggest economics city was named after him, “”Ho Chi Minh city”. He devoted independence and liberty for the Vietnamese people. He led Vietnam through decades of war against foreign invasion to independence, which came several years after his death. He was also well-known for being friendly and loving children. According to him, children were the life-sustaining element of Vietnam, therefore he made lots of policies to improve children’s education in Vietnam. The snow sculpture this year is a tribute to his care and kindness towards Vietnamese future generations.


On February 3rd, 2019 we had around 16 international students, 9 high school students, 15 Lions Odori Club members for this event. The international students had a great time there. They had group interaction, game session and lunch time with high school students. After completion of the lunch time, students took photos in front of the snow sculpture.


Here are some of the photos of the event.







It was an amazing experience with high school students and Lions Club members.

HUISA heartily thanks all participants for joining this event and making it successful. A big bunch of thanks to Lions Odori Club for making this event special every year.


HUISA executive committee



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