ExCom proposes new changes to HUISA Constitution

The Executive Committee of the Hokkaido University International Students’ Association (HUISA) revisited the organization’s Constitution two years after its latest revision.

After much deliberation, the ExCom proposes some revisions to the Constitution which include the following:

  • All bonafide international students of Hokkaido University automatically becomes a member of HUISA.
  • The number of Articles was reduced from 10 to 9, which was a result of the merging of the former Article VI (Responsibilities of Executive Committee Members) to the former Article IV ( Function of the association). The ExCom proposes Article IV be now known as ‘Article IV: Executive Committee‘.
  • Article IV also includes a detailed description of the responsibilities of each ExCom members, which was absent in the old Constitution. In addition, the ExCom also proposes three new posts:
    1. Interpreter an international student who is proficient in the Japanese language and shall sit with the Executive Committee members as an interpreter during transactions with University officials as well as other stakeholders; and, shall partner with the Translator for the efficient flow of communication between HUISA (its Executive Committee) and other stakeholders.
    2. Translator (Japanese Student)  –  an undergraduate/graduate Japanese student of the Hokkaido University proficient in written and oral English communication who sall assist the committee members as an English-Japanese translator especially of official communications and documents relevant to HUISA activities; and, shall partner with other committee members, particularly the Vice Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Web Administrator, in drafting official documents and/or promotional materials for mass communication of HUISA activities.
    3. Honorary President (Immediate Past President) – who shall support the Executive Committee especially in organizing activities for international students as well as help bridge the relationship between current Executive Committee members and partners in the University as well as with the existing public and private partners and stakeholders.
  • ARTICLE V: Election Policies for Executive Committee Members includes the following clause (Section 2.5):
      1. Election of President shall be made by the Executive Committee among them to provide smooth transition of leadership and ensure that programs will be continued efficiently and effectively. Should no Executive Committee member aspire to become President, the post will be opened during general elections.

The old Constitution is available here at the website or may be viewed as a PDF document here.

We encourage all HUISA members to peruse and comment on the proposals the ExCom made to the Constitution. Feel free to voice your thoughts by directly commenting here.

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