Invitation for HUISA Sports Festival 2018

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“Sports do not build character, they reveal it” -John Wooden

Dear athletes,

Are you ready to enjoy early autumn with some sports??

HUISA would like to warmly invite all students to join HUISA Sports Festival on September 29, 2018 at Hokudai Gym (located at Kita 18). The event will start from 11 am.

This time we will have badminton, basketball, volleyball and soccer game. Soccer, basketball and volleyball will be played in a group. For badminton, you can play singles and doubles.

41833319_264004344228946_2194598859416535040_n (1)


To register for the event, click on the link below:

The participation fee up to two games is 100 yen per player. The money collection day will be September 19th and 20th  from 12:00-13:00 at the lobby of IIC (Institute for International Collaboration).

Winners will be awarded with attractive prizes!!

Come on!! Give it a try!! Show your spirit!!


HUISA executive committee 2018




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