Proposed Updates for the HUISA Constitution

Hello HUISA Members! The Executive Committee of HUISA would like to update some changes in the HUISA Constitution (Please see red texts on the attached file).

In summary, here are the updates of the Constitution:

1. According to the constitution, article 7 section 1, HUISA shall
hold the General Assembly at least 2 times per year on March and
September. But at present, we have general assembly once a year every April.

2. On the section 3 of article 5 in our constitution, it says new
elected committee shall serve for one year starting on 15th November
to 14th November. Our new executive committee always starts working
from April. We need to change it “starting on 11th April to 10th

3. We need to add position of Adviser in the executive committee list
of Article 4 section 1. The adviser (a position for the former Honorary President) will be 11th member of the team.

HUISA Constitution Revised 2018

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