HUISA celebrated Hanami in style!

On 6th May, 2017 HUISA organized Hanami party for International and Japanese students of Hokkaido University at Moerenuma Park. Moerenuma Park  is a municipal park located in Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Japan. The park has fascinating playground equipment, outdoor sports fields, and objects. Despite rain and chilling weather, the participants enjoyed the activities of the day.


HUISA hanami participants pose for a group photo at Moerenuma Park after receiving bicycles. (Photo courtesy of HUISA).

The participants rode through the park to view scenic areas….. From Moerenuma, they rode to Satoland and saw the carriage run around the park.

IMG_1436huisa 5

Even though it rained, participants got chance to see some sunlight after rainfall. Students were requested to bring traditional foods from their home countries. We could see varieties of foods from Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, USA, Spain and so on. After enjoying potluck party, students also participated in bingo games where they won many exciting prizes….


HUISA hanami Potluck party at Moerenuma Park. (Photo courtesy of HUISA)

Not only international, several Japanese students had also joined the party…they helped a lot in making this party more exciting……

huisa 7

HUISA hanami participants posed for a group photo in front of the glass pyramid. (Photo courtesy of HUISA)

Moerenuma park was amazing…..including panoramic hanami scenery with beautiful pink cherry blossoms..


International students could enjoy Japanese culture and learn about Moerenuma Park and amazing Glass Pyramid.

It was time to go back home…. indeed it was a long, wonderful and adventurous day but it’s all definitely worthwhile!


HUISA hanami participants at Moerenuma park. (Photo courtesy of HUISA)

HUISA would like to thank all participants for their active participation in this event.

This was the first Hanami party organized by HUISA. We are looking forward for your participation in coming days too.

HUISA will lead the International Food Festival (IFF) from 2nd to 4th June, 2017. If you are willing to enjoy traditional foods of more than 30 countries, then please join us there!!!

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