Call for HUISA BBQ 2018

Dear HUISA members,

After struggling with snow and wind for half of the year, summer is at its peak these days.

Why don’t you spend beautiful summer days enjoying grilled meat and vegetables with us?


On this 11th August, HUISA is organizing BBQ party inside Hokkaido University (opposite to Ono pond). If you want to enjoy BBQ with HUISA family then following is the link for registration:

The registration fee is 500 yen. Payment will be collected on 6th August (Monday) at the lobby of Institute for International Collaboration (IIC) in between 12:00-13:00. If you want to join with your family, then please register them too.

Lets enjoy short summer with grilled meat, cool drinks and talks.

We are waiting for your participation.



HUISA executive committee 2018


HUISA Summer Trip 2018

Being in the northern part, summer starts from July in Hokkaido. Although it does not last long as compared to Tokyo or Osaka, people in Hokkaido make sure to enjoy their summer time. The summer vibe here in Hokkaido is short yet amazing.

When summer finally embraced Hokkaido, we, HUISA members, also prepared ourselves to bask in the sun. On July 14th, we, along with other 135 students from more than 30 countries, left for Summer trip to mark three different destinations: Shimamui Beach, Nikka Whisky Distillery and Cape Kamui!!


Our first destination was Shimamui beach, which is at the western end of Hokkaido.  Once we reached there, the marvelous view invited us to descend to the beach below through a moderately constructed tunnel. That tunnel led us to the different world. Words were not enough to describe the majestic view one could see there.  Our members enjoyed seeing gorgeous shade of blue water, playing at rocky and sandy beach and treasuring those memories, of course!


After Shimamui beach, we traveled to Cape Kamui, which is just at the distance of half an hour. Cape Kamui has been very popular as a place to enjoy the breathtaking Shakotan Blue. The weather was magical indeed. Our members were enjoying sunlight at the Shimamui beach, however the weather turned misty as we reached Cape Kamui. How could we miss taking picture at that foggy weather…


The weather was chill but so were we…chilling and enjoying the view.


Our last destination was Nikka Whisky Distillery. This was the home to “Father of Whisky” in Japan, Mr. Masataka Takutsuru, who was the pioneer of Nikka Whisky brand in Japan. We could understand the deep history and well-presented story of the founder and his wife. Not only that we could see the whisky-making process too.


Although it was just a day trip, our participants managed to mark three different beautiful territories in Hokkaido. We hope they had good time with their family and friends in the trip.


They say summer tan will fade out, but memories will last forever!! Indeed!!

Thank you so much for joining and making this trip successful. We hope to see you soon again in our upcoming events. Till then stay blessed!! 🙂



HUISA Summer Trip 2018

Happiness is a summer breeze, sand between your toes, and your friends by your side!!!

Dear members,


Summer has finally embraced Hokkaido and we are here to bask ourselves in the sun. Lets mark some territories enjoying warm sunshine this Summer.

We, HUISA executive members, would like to warmly welcome all students to our Summer Trip 2018. On July 14th, we will travel to three different destinations: Nikka Whisky Distillery, Shimamui Beach and Cape Kamui!!



If you would like to be part of this trip then please follow the link below:

The participation fees are as follows:

Children less than 3 years : Free of charge

Children between 3 to 6 years: 1000 yen

Children more than 6 years : 2500 yen

Adults: 2500 yen

The payment day will be July 2nd,3rd and 9th at the lobby of IIC (Institute for International Collaboration) from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido with many international students!!! We are waiting for your participation!! 🙂




Hanami with HUISA 2018

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Lets party” – Robin Williams

No doubt, spring is one of the most awaited season in Hokkaido. While other parts of Japan, Honshu and Kyushu, are enjoying the beauty of Cherry blossom, our Hokkaido still struggles with the snow. Winter in Hokkaido is quite long and harsh. It snows from mid November until the end of March. The crave for Spring gets so stronger by the start of April that people cannot help themselves from counting day for the magical cherry bloom.

This year as well, HUISA organized Hanami party for international students. Hanami in Japanese means to watch cherry blossom. The main aim of this event was to make international students see and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of cherry bloom in Hokkaido. For this, HUISA decided to take international students and their families to Moerenuma park.


Moerenuma Park is a comprehensive park in Sapporo that is intended to be the base of the “Circular Greenbelt Concept” that combines the green spaces of the city of Sapporo within a loop. Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and the fountain and wading pool facilities are open to make for a refreshing Sapporo summer. Fall brings foliage, and you may enjoy cross-country skiing and sledding across the snow-covered landscape during winter. The park has attractions for all seasons.

On 6th May 2018, international students and their families met at legendary Kita 13 gate of University and left to enjoy the cherry blossom. It was a rainy day but it was not strong enough to demotivate our students for Hanami. Students reached to Asabu station via Namboku line subway from where they took hourly bus leaving for the park.


In Moerenuma park, students had a potluck party there where they shared varieties of foods from different countries like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, Mozambique, Japan, India, and Pakistan. Not only that, participants also enjoyed BINGO game where winners won gift hampers. It was a fun filled event.

After potluck party, students took stroll around the Glass Pyramid which is the major attraction of Moerenuma Park.

hanami 2

This Glass Pyramid is an indoor facility, that uses the natural, region-specific energy of snow. It is also an attraction from a nature conservation perspective. Our students managed to take lots of photo there.


Even though it was a rainy day, our participants enjoyed their time at the Moerenuma Park. We could not see much cherry tress due to rain, but overall, it was a memorable trip. We, the executive members, would like to thank all the participants for their great enthusiasm.


Hope to see you all in our upcoming events!!


HUISA executive committee 2018-19

Introducing HUISA executive committee members 2018-19

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Hokkaido University International Students’ Association (HUISA) has received a brand new executive committee members for the academic year of 2018-19. The committee consists of young, energetic and lively people from different parts of the world.

Lets hear what the new executive members have to say.

President: Nguyen Thi Thuy Van (Vietnam)


Hello everybody, My name is Van and I come from Vietnam. Currently, I am a third year student of the Modern Japanese Studies Program, majoring in Japanese society and political economy. This year I was fortunately and gratefully promoted as the president of HUISA. As a leader, I along with my team will try our best to listen and then contribute to the university international students’ extracurricular activities. I believe that life abroad is not only about books and researches; but it is also about new experience, foreign friends, and different culture adaptation. Therefore, in order to make abroad academic life easier, more colorful and adventurous; interesting and meaningful exchange events which can connect varied skin colored together are undeniably important. Creating those events is my expectation and target for the association this year. Besides monthly events and moreover, HUISA and I will always be available, ready to correspond and support your life here in Sapporo.

Vice President: Edgar Manuel Cambaza (Mozambique)


Artist or scientist? Maybe a dreamer…
My name is Edgar M. Cambaza. Call me Edy (that’s it)! I’m the smily nerdish Mozambican dude from HUISA’s photos.
I’m biologist, now a food scientist and now becoming a food process engineer (don’t worry, even I have a hard time understanding what it means lol… just kidding). I’m now a 3rd year PhD study at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.
Ok, enough with the boring stuff! I believe in people, love and kindness. That’s why I love art and voluntary work. I’ve been doing it all my life! I joined HUISA because it has the potential to reawaken the best values from the international students in Hokudai and make their experience in Japan much easier and enjoyable.
Join our events and you’ll understand what I mean. And more… don’t come just for joy. Come if you need some assistance in your daily life. That’s what friends are for..)

General Secretary: Kamal Shuvro Sajjad (Bangladesh)


Hi! This is Sajjad from Bangladesh, currently studying environmental molecular biology at Hokkaido University. I am interested in music, arts, science and almost anything that can show me the broad picture of things about the universe. Keeping my eyes and ears wide open for the broad spectrum of ideas, I am contributing to HUISA as a general secretary. I believe in individualism and helping every international students to grow, connect and communicate while having a good time in Hokkaido University is one of my resolutions as a general secretary this year. Like they say in Japanese “お互い頑張りましょう!”

Treasurer: Yang Qiu (China)


Hey! My name is Yang Qiu. Call me Elysee. And I come from China. I’m doing my master in economics and business and I’m currently in my first year. I like social work very much. I have been to Thailand as a volunteer. So this time I joined HUISA, and want to try my best to help international students. Before I submitted the application of HUISA, I asked myself”what am I doing here?” But I really feel that doing good and interesting things actually makes me happier.

Public Relation Officer: Vera Fitriya Ersalena (Indonesia)


Hello everyone, I am Vera Fitriya Ersalena, an Indonesian student in Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University. Being a part of Hokkaido University International Students’ Association (HUISA) is one of the greatest experiences; making friends with those coming from other countries, sharing ideas and interests, learning how the leadership should be, solving problems together, encouraging each other and enjoying all the activities. These will be unforgettable moments in life, sure! One noteworthy thing is that all international students are HUISA, we guys are HUISA. To me, HUISA is a home where I find new family to share all the ups and downs. I do believe, they will stand right no matter what. Thank you for being my new home in Hokkaido.
Secretary for Sports and Recreation: Mba Joshua Chidiebere (Nigeria)
I am Mba Joshua Chidiebere, a Nigerian and a Master course graduate student in the faculty of Life Science, Hokkaido University. I have passion for research and development. Thus, acquiring knowledge and contributing in proffering solutions to world’s health challenges through my research are my top priorities in life. My hobbies include researching, watching and playing soccer and listening to music. I am driven by innovation, creativity, and service to humanity. No wonder the need to join HUISA’s 2018-2019 Executive Committee. This will give me the room to utilize my talents and time in assisting the international community in this great citadel of learning, Hokkaido university to live a balanced and fulfilled life for yet another year. I am intrinsically motivated by challenges and as a team player I will be working with the new Executive team to promote the well being of the international students, bridge the gap between the international community and the people of Hokkaido and Japan as well as encourage networking amongst international students.

Secretary for Social Welfare and Culture: Sivakumar Gowthaman (Sri Lanka)


I am Gowtham from Sri Lanka. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctoral studies in Engineering stream from Hokkaido University, Japan. It’s my great pleasure to be a part of HUISA as the Secretary for Social Welfare and Culture, which has stimulated my attraction to the field of social, cultural and public works. Basically, I am a person who have always been deeply committed in helping others. Well, HUISA is one of the preeminent association of Hokkaido University, which aims to promote the interaction and understanding between the international student community and Japanese community of Hokkaido in various ways, and without a doubt, it has made a wonderful opportunity to join a pleasant team of social workers as well as to serve the communities of Hokkaido University, Japan.

Honorary President: Kritika Poudel (Nepal) (HUISA President 2017-18)


Hellooooo everyone!!

This is Kritika from Nepal and currently a doctoral course second year student at Graduate School of Health Sciences. I am a nurse by profession, traveler by passion and music lover by obsession. Last year, I was given a big responsibility of working as a President and it was dream turned reality for me. This is my third year as the executive member and no doubt HUISA has become an important part of my life. For me, HUISA is my family. It has given me wonderful friends, lifetime memories to treasure and  has taught me to accept and respect the differences we all have. I am sure we will have great time this year too, organizing different events and supporting international students’ activities. HUISA is by, for and to international students, hence we will always need your kind support. At last, I just want to say that there is no limit to what we can accomplish, except the limits we place on our own thinking. Lets work together to make HUISA better than yesterday. Cheers!!!

Adviser: Deepak HV (India) (HUISA President 2016-17, Honorary President 2017-18)


Hello everyone!! I am Deepu from India. I am a doctoral course final year student at Graduate School of Life Science. I love playing cricket, dancing and listening to music. This is my fifth year in HUISA. My relationship with HUISA is quite long. Since the beginning of my HUISA days, I got opportunities to work as Vice president, which was followed by President, Honorary President and currently I am the adviser of the team. I believe in a team effort and as a team we can make impossible things possible. After being HUISA member, I have made great friends with whom I have been fortunate enough to share many memories of my life. I am deeply attached to HUISA and its work. We organize many events for international students and their families so that they could enjoy their life while in Hokudai. Of course, HUISA has its own rules and regulations and we all are abide by it. I hope we can achieve many things with this team spirit. Let’s enjoy organizing different events together!! 😉


Well, this is just a brief introduction about the team. Please participate in our events to get to know more about us. If you need any support or do not understand things while adjusting to new life in Hokudai, you can always write to us at

We are planning to have Ohanami (picnic enjoying mesmerizing cherry blossom) on 6th May, 2018. Please stay tuned for other events and keep on supporting HUISA.


Thank youuuuu!!

HUISA Executive Committee 2018-19

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

Every year Hokkaido University International Students’ Association (HUISA) steps down for a General Assembly. On April 13, 2018 HUISA had a General Assembly to elect a new set of officers to lead the international student community of Hokkaido University. The nominees had put their opinion in front of international as well as Japanese students and were elected by public voting.

HUISA executive committee 2018-19

For 2018-19 executive committee, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Van, from Vietnam, is elected as the President of HUISA. With this election, Van will be leading the association with her newly elected enthusiastic members from all around the globe. The new committee consists of following members:

President: Nguyen Thi Thuy Van (Vietnam)

Vice President: Edgar Manuel Cambaza (Mozambique)

General Secretary: Kamal Shuvro Sajjad (Bangladesh)

Treasurer: Yang Qiu (China)

Public Relation Officer: Vera Fitriya Ersalena (Indonesia)

Secretary for Sports and Recreation: Mba Joshua Chidiebere (Nigeria)

Secretary for Social Welfare and Culture: Sivakumar Gowthaman (Sri Lanka)

Honorary President: Kritika Poudel (Nepal) (HUISA President 2017-18)

Adviser: Deepak HV (India) (HUISA President 2016-17)

Teamwork has always been a beauty of HUISA executive committee. The energetic committee members have already started planning activities for international as well as Japanese students of Hokkaido University.

Further updates shall follow soon. Please stay tuned for different events and keep supporting us!!


Call for General Election 2018

Dear HUISA members,

Happy spring!!

The new and beautiful season has just started. We hope you will enjoy the warmth of sun and beauty of Sakura in Hokkaido. Its nearly the end of year for our executive members (2017-2018) who have worked hard in HUISA. In this one year, we tried to organize an event every month for international students. Starting from Hanami party in May, we organized Hokudaisai (June), Summer trip (July), BBQ party (August), Sports Festival (September), Autumn trip (October), Culture festival (December), and Snow sculpture event (February). We collaborated with ERIS, Lions Club Odori, Sapporo International Night, Furubira Community to provide opportunities for international students to mingle with Japanese students and understand Japanese cultures, traditions and working lifestyle. These collaborations helped us in providing lots of part time job opportunities, interaction programs, seminars and internships for international students. We are very thankful to all international students, companies and other organizations for believing us and our works.

As a new academic year is about to start, the executive committee members of  HUISA steps down for a new set of officers to lead the international student community of Hokkaido University. This April 13, 2018 at Student Activity Room in Institute for International Collaboration (IIC), new officers shall be elected. The meeting will start from 18:00.

「call for election」の画像検索結果

The positions that are open for a bid for candidacy, as well as their respective responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Vice President
    • Shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of or inability of the former to serve; and,
    • Shall perform other duties which may be assigned by the president or the Executive Board.
  2. General Secretary
    • Shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings (including attendance) of the association and of the Executive Board in English; Japanese proficiency is required.
    • Shall notify members of the agenda as well as time, date, and place of meeting;
    • Shall maintain a list of active membership of the association; and,
    • Shall prepare election materials for all elections.
  3. Treasurer
    • Shall handle the finances of the HUISA in accordance with the approved budget, and as authorized by the association;
    • Shall receive all monies of the association, maintain the association account in a reputable financial institution, and be joint signatory with the President for the association cheque;
    • Shall maintain an accurate record of the association receipts and expenses and payout funds in accordance with the approved budget and as authorized by the association;
    • Shall present a financial statement at every general meeting and at other times when requested by the Executive Board.
  4. Vice Secretary
    • Shall assist the General Secretary in keeping all records of the organization;
    • Shall assume the responsibilities of the General Secretary in his/her absence; and,
    • Shall partner with the Translator (Japanese) in drafting documents necessary for accomplishing the objectives of the organization
  5. Secretary for Social Welfare and Culture
    • Shall assist new students in during their initial settlement in Sapporo thru partnership with the Student Support Desk of the University, especially by assisting in drafting and dissemination of updated primers for both Hokkaido University and life in Sapporo;
    • Shall organize cultural activities, social gatherings and parties to promote harmony and cohesion among international students as well as with Japanese students; and,
    • Shall sit on all committees related to this portfolio.
  6. Secretary for Sports and Recreation
    • Shall organize and arrange sports and recreational programs to promote health and wellness among its members; and,
    • Sit on all committees related to this portfolio
  7. Translator (Japanese Student)
    • Shall be a current undergraduate/graduate Japanese student of the Hokkaido University proficient in written and oral English communication;
    • Shall assist the committee members as an English-Japanese translator especially of official communications and documents relevant to HUISA activities; and,
    • Shall partner with other committee members, particularly the Vice Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Web Administrator, in drafting official documents and/or promotional materials for mass communication of HUISA activities.
  8. Public Relations Officer
    • Shall maintain the communication with university authority and other organizations within and outside of the Hokkaido University;
    • Shall actively promote HUISA activities, both in print and social media; and,
    • Shall lead the working partnership with the Translator and Web Administrator in drafting materials for information dissemination, promotions, and campaigns relevant to HUISA activities.
  9. Web Administrator
    • Shall maintain and keep both the group mail and HUISA website active; and,
    • Shall partner with the Translator and Public Relations Officer in drafting materials for mass communication, particularly those that will be posted in the website.

Note that all current international students are eligible to run for any position. As HUISA is totally voluntary organization, candidates should be able to allocate their time for meetings and events. We also request candidates to read HUISA constitution to get more information on HUISA and its activities.

Students who are interested to run for a specific position must send their bid for candidacy by sending an email to the HUISA ( with the following details:

  • Email subject line should read: [Position] Candidacy — [Full Name]
  • Accomplished HUISA ExeCom Nomination Form 2018-2019.

Deadline for submission of Nomination Form is on April 09, 2018 at 23:59.