Event Invitation: The 38th Sapporo International Night

Interact with Japanese people, learn Japanese songs, and enjoy a buffet party at Keio Plaza Hotel!

The 38th Sapporo International Night will be held on December 13, 2015 with the theme “From the world to Sapporo, from Sapporo to the world“.
The Executive Committee, in partnership with the HUISA, would like to invite 50 foreign students to attend this event for FREE.
The detailed schedule of the event is as follows:

The 1st part: Group Discussion
12:00~16:00 @かでる2・7 (Kaderu 2・7, Kita-2, Nishi-7)
Freely interact and discuss with Japanese high school students, university students, and citizens according to one or some of the following themes:

A. Why did “YOU” come to Sapporo?
B. “I like or do not like this about Sapporo!”
C. Multi-culturalism – Foreigners, aborigines, LGBT, etc.-
D. Let’s talk about pop culture in Sapporo
E. “Winter makes Hokkaido and Sapporo most attractive”
F. An invitation letter to Sapporo
G. Young people, Jump into the world!

The 2nd part: Friendly Party
16:30~18:30 京王プラザホテル札幌 (Keio Plaza Hotel)
Buffet party.

To join, please feel free to register under this link: http://goo.gl/forms/P5277f7qTq.
Note, however, that the registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Bi-lingual information may be found below.

Sapporo International NightSapporo International Night 2

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