Greetings from ex-president of HUISA (Biljana Novkovic, Serbia)

HUISA provides a great opportunity to work with international students, learn how to organize events and manifestations,solve problems, meet new people and make new friends – both foreigners and Japanese. Through organizing and participating in many diverse activities, we all grow closer together, and these activities become important parts of our lives in Sapporo, and parts of our stay in Japan we remember most dearly. I remember how beautiful the campus looked in early June, when the Hokudaisai tent-lights light up the night before the festival.


I also remember how much fun it was to tell stories and play games after the tents would close, or to enjoy sports at the sports festival, and to prepare for the Bunkasai. We organized trips to many beautiful regions of Hokkaido, and met lots of new friends on the way. Each new generation of HUISA excom has different experiences, but I am happy to see the traditional manifestations, problem-solving spirit, and the spirit of friendship live on in each new generation. I am really proud to have been an excomm member, and happy to have met so many wonderful people thanks to HUISA.

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