Greetings from Indonesian Student of Hokkaido University.

Konnichiwa mina san!!! I am Isma Rosyida, from Indonesia.


I am currently studying in Graduate School of Letters. I would like to share you two things that will be my unforgettable memories during my study life in Hokkaido University:

First, the Sapporo`s life. Why? Because Sapporo is an astonishing city with abundance of natural beauty and a charming sense of Japanese culture. During the spring, i can experience the relaxing beauty of cherry blossoms everywhere. In summer, I can see the colorful flowers around the city. In autumn, I can see the wonderful falls, and during the cold winter, I can experience the plenty of snow fall. Also, the people in Sapporo are honest, friendly, kind hearted, and helpful. This glorious and calm environment helps me to ensure a pleasant learning experience.

And, second is HUISA. As an international student, I know how hard it is to arrive in a different country with a different language, different environment, different atmosphere and also different culture. Besides, Japanese language was initially one of the great barriers for me to move around and mingle easily in society. But being one of the HUISA member, I found smiles and fun. We have lots of events and activities, such as cultural events, sports festival, trips, hokudaisai, etc. Students from all over the world, having different races, different colors of skin, different backgrounds and different cultures, communicate and get to know each other. We were so passionate to have activities together. Meeting students from different ethnicities and cultures has taught me how to interact with people from all walks of life. I really found the spirit of unity in diversity in HUISA. Besides, all the HUISA committees are very friendly and helpful, so whenever I have any related problems, they will definitely help me. Once I became a part of HUISA member, I don`t feel that I was away from my home. HUISA makes me feel like I have new family in Sapporo. For me, being able to share experiences with and learn of attitudes and customs of people from around the world is a most enriching facet of life in Sapporo.

Someday, I will be going back home with real fond memories which will be cherished forever. I will smile, a very big smile, knowing that I had made a good choice to be the part of HUISA family.

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