Greetings from Treasure of HUISA, Delnur Anwar (Uyghur, China)

Dear international friends, my name is Delnur Anwar, I am Uyghur nationality, came from China. I joined HUISA committee 3 years ago. Now I am working as HUISA treasure. I really love this group, and those HUISA guys who are always there for you whenever you need them.


They always say I am the oldest committee member, doing the same things every year. I want to say that, during these 3 years working with 3 different committee groups, maybe only I know, every committee members who ever worked for Hokudai international students always doing their best or even beyond their capability.

In my point of view, HUISA is more like a family. We had quarrels, tears, laughter together for every meeting, events, but nobody gave up this family even for once. It is pretty hard to believe we get through so many difficulties and made so many things for our international students. Personally, I am proud to be in HUISA, and I am also very proud of every one who was in this family.


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