Greetings from Mohamed Shehata (Egypt)


I came to Hokkaido University from 2013, from this time I was participating in most of HUISA activities like summer trip, autumn trip, Hokudai-sai and so on. At that time I met many international students at HUISA committee, they were very kind, cooperative and hard worker. I was shocked when I know that; they are doing all of these activities as a volunteers, they believe that, helping international students give them some happiness more important than any other jobs. I’m very happy to be one of this committee this year and I hope me and all of HUISA committee make life of international students in Hokkaido University more exciting and easier than before. I hope to see all of you in next HUISA activity. GOOD LUCK.

Mohamed Shehata,

PhD student at Environmental Science, Hokkaido University

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