Voice of International Students

Hello Friends!!! My name is Rahmat Ullah and I am studying in School of Engineering. I had a great time with HUISA and I enjoyed all the activities organized by them.


HUISA makes international students life very easy and many international students help the new comers voluntarily. This high spirits has impressed me and I can observe this only in Hokkaido University. The bond of friendship between international students is very strong and HUISA provides excellent opportunities to make this bond stronger. I join almost all the activities of HUISA and every time the experience is very unique and enjoyable. On every occasion I have a lot of fun and I make new friends. I strongly recommend the international students to join all HUISA activities to enjoy your time in Sapporo and make memorable friendship across the world. International students are always encouraged to help in organizing HUISA events. It is always fun and great experience to work with many international fellows. Please don’t hesitate to join any task group of HUISA. All the committee members will warmly welcome your participation and suggestions. Let’s be HUISA member and start to enjoy your life in Sapporo.

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